Turnkey PCB Assembly

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Turnkey PCB Introduction

Turnkey PCB assembly means that the PCB manufacturer takes care of all aspects of your PCB project, including sourcing electronic components, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, PCB testing, final assembly, testing, and shipping, so they deliver a product that is ready to use. When using a turnkey PCB assembler, you get a PCBA with a very short turnaround time because all the processes involved are done under one roof.

LST is a professional turnkey PCB assembly service provider, we have more than 10 years of PCB manufacturing history and can complete customer turnkey PCB assembly service with high quality.

Turnkey PCB Assembly


Turnkey PCB Assembly

AOI test

Turnkey PCB Assembly


The Advantages of Turnkey PCB Assembly

Turnkey PCB assembly has many advantages over the traditional PCB assembly process. Some of the main ones are as follows:

1.Better Focus on Quality Products:

Turnkey PCB assembly helps businesses/designers to keep their focus on designing quality products instead of hassling with the assembly process. They don’t have to spend time and effort to find the best components, hire an in-house team, or go through a complex process of procurement. All these activities are handled by one-stop PCB assembly manufacturers.


Turnkey PCB assembly is a highly cost-effective way of assembling PCBs. First, there is no need to have a dedicated in-house team. Secondly, the turnkey service providers have good relations with component suppliers, so they can obtain components at a much lower cost. This significantly reduces the overall cost of PCB assembly.

3.Quality Control:

Another major advantage of complete PCB assembly is quality control and spotting potential issues timely. When the assembler receives the design file, the assembler can check the authenticity of the design with the main product goals and pinpoint any issues. Moreover, the assembler is responsible for the whole assembly process, which helps ensure that all components are assembled rightly and deliver the desired outputs.

4.Streamlined Assembly Process:

The one-stop PCB assembly process provides businesses/designers with a streamlined assembly process, as they only deal with one assembler for the entire process. This reduces the miscommunication or chances of errors, making the whole process efficient.

Our Turnkey PCB Assembly Service

1. No MOQ for Printed circuit board and PCBA

2. One-stop solution for various OEM electronic PCB assembly.

3. Professional PCB Board engineer for one-to-one service.

3. 100% PCBA AOI tested guarantee before shipping

4. RoHS, UL, ISO, SGS certificate approved

5. Factory production Capability of 30000 sqm/month

6. Turnkey EMS (electronics manufacturing service) including PCB manufacturing, components sourcing, PCB assembly, PCBA conformal coating, box build, PCBA function testing.

7. Excellent Customer Service to Meet Your Special Needs

8. Shipment on time.

Turnkey PCB Assembly

Turnkey PCB Assembly Technical Requirement


1. Professional Surface-mounting and Through-hole soldering Technology.

2. Various sizes like 1206,0805,0603 components SMT technology.

3. ICT(In-Circuit Test), FCT(Functional Circuit Test) technology.

4. Turnkey PCB Assembly With UL, CE, FCC, Rohs Approval.

5. Nitrogen gas reflow soldering technology for SMT.

6. High Standard SMT&Solder Assembly Line.

7. High density interconnected board placement technology capacity.

What We Need

1. Gerber files of the bare PCB.

2. Bill of materials to include: Manufacturer’s part number, type of part, type of packaging, component locations listed by reference designators, and quantity.

3. Dimensional specifications for non-standard components.

4. Assembly drawing, including any change notices.

5. Final test procedures (if available).


Specific Tasks for Turnkey PCB Assembly

DFM / DFA Check: These checks verify consistency across different design documents, part spacing, footprint accuracy, and clear orientation labeling.

PCB Fabrication: Once the DFM / DFA checks are finished, the PCB is fabricated. A bare PCB is formed through multiple stages of material lamination, drilling, and copper deposition / etching. The stencil for solder paste screening is also created. The Solder Mask and Surface Finish are then added to the board, and finally, the Silkscreen is printed.

Incoming Material Inspection: A parts procurement team ensures that all assembly materials are received and ready for use as soon as the bare PCBs are ready for assembly.

SMT Solder Paste Screening: In this phase, the solder paste is applied to the bare PCBs. The stainless-steel stencil that was created during PCB Fabrication is fit over the board, leaving only the pads for assembly of surface-mount components uncovered. An applicator moves over the board to distribute solder paste over the uncovered spaces.

Parts Placement: Once solder paste is applied to the bare PCBs, they are moved to automated pick & place machines for the mounting of components on their associated pads.

Reflow Soldering: With parts mounted securely in place, the PCBs are reflow soldered. This is the most common method for PCB assembly today since it is much more flexible when compared with wave or manual soldering.

X-Ray Inspection: After a reflow cycle, boards with BGAs, QFNs, or other lead-less package types are sent for X-Ray Inspection, which can penetrate the silicon of an IC package and reflect from the metal connections underneath, forming an image of the solder joints themselves that can be analyzed.

Wave Soldering: Wave soldering involves sending boards on a conveyor through a “wave” of molten solder.

Manual Soldering: Manual soldering is generally used when a PCB design incorporates some parts that are not suitable for either reflow or wave soldering.

Final Inspection: Final inspections include visual inspection and automated optical inspection (AOI) for complex or high-volume projects.

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Turnkey PCB Assembly

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