PCB Testing Services

We have a professional test team in the field of PCB/PCBA, with many years of experience, accumulated a large number of practical cases, to provide customers with PCB test solutions, more than 10 years of high-end technical standards and high-quality technical services deep customer praise.

LST is a professional PCB solution provider, we provide PCB design, PCB manufacturing, PCB testing and other services to our customers. We have a professional test team in the field of PCB/PCBA, with many years of experience, accumulated a large number of practical cases, to provide customers with PCB test solutions, more than 10 years of high-end technical standards and high-quality technical services deep customer praise.

Why PCBs need to be tested

Testing is to find problems with the product and solve them in time to ensure the quality of the PCB. PCB testing has these benefits:

1. Discover errors

The main benefit of PCB testing is that it can effectively identify problems in the PCB. Whether the problem is functional, manufacturable or otherwise, PCB testing can identify problems in the PCB design and layout so that designers can make adjustments accordingly.

2. Cost reduction

By using prototypes and small-scale assembly to test products, PCB testing prevents waste caused by producing defective products. By completing comprehensive testing early in the design process, designers can prevent defective PCBs from being mass-produced, ensuring that the design is as defect-free as possible before going into production. This step helps to significantly reduce production costs.

3. Save time

In the long run, early-stage PCB testing helps save time and allows designers to identify major problems during the prototyping phase. Complete testing allows designers to quickly and easily identify the root cause of problems and make adjustments so they can move on to production faster and shorten product lead times.

4. Reduce return rates

When companies perform PCB testing, they can effectively reduce the chances of selling defective products or products that do not meet performance standards. This reduces the costs associated with refunds to customers and disposal of defective goods. In addition, fewer returned products can increase customer satisfaction and improve the company's reputation.

5. Improve safety

Because printed circuit boards are often used in basic electronics, their failure can pose significant problems for a company's productivity or the organization's ability to provide basic services. Defective printed circuit boards can cause accidents such as fires and, in severe cases, injuries to nearby workers. Pre-manufacturing testing also ensures that machines and workers are not damaged or injured during production due to improper design.

Getting a Test Solution

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PCB test content

The purpose of PCB testing and inspection is to check the performance of the PCB against standard printed circuit boards. To ensure that all PCB manufacturing processes are functioning properly and without any defects according to the project specifications.

A PCB consists of different elements, components, each of which affects the overall performance of the electronic circuit. A detailed analysis of these elements is performed to ensure PCB quality. The tests to be performed should include the following checks.

Lamination: The quality of lamination is critical to the life of the PCB. Laminate peeling can directly lead to problems with board function. Typically, laminate testing is used to test the resistance of the laminate to peeling by force or heat.

Hole wall quality: Hole walls are typically analyzed in environments with cycling and rapid temperature changes to understand how they react to thermal effects. Ensure that the hole walls do not crack or delaminate when the PCB is put into service.

Copper plating: Copper foil is applied to the printed circuit board to provide electrical conductivity. The quality of the copper is tested and analyzed in detail for tensile strength and elongation.

Cleanliness: The cleanliness of a printed circuit board is a measure of the board’s ability to withstand environmental factors such as weather resistance, corrosion and humidity.

Solderability: Solderability tests are performed on materials to ensure that components can be safely attached to the board and to prevent solder defects in the final product.

Electrical Testing: Electrical conductivity is critical to any PCB, as is the ability to measure the minimum leakage current of the PCB.

Cleanliness: The cleanliness of a printed circuit board is a test of the board’s ability to resist environmental factors such as corrosion and moisture.

Environmental testing: This is a test of the performance and quality changes of a PCB operating in a humid environment. Weight comparisons are usually made before and after the PCB is placed in a humid environment, and if the weight changes significantly, it is considered scrap.

Our Testing Services

We have a professional testing team that can provide a wide range of testing services for PCBs

Flying needle tester is an improvement of the traditional needle bed on-line tester, it can use the probe to replace the needle bed, in the X-Y mechanism is equipped with a high-speed movement of 4, 6 or 8 test probes, the minimum test gap of 0.2 mm. work in the unit under test through the belt or other UUT conveyor system transported to the test machine, and then fixed tester probes to contact the test pads and access holes, thus testing the individual components of the unit under test, the test machine is a very important part of the test system. The individual components of the unit under test are then tested. In addition to test points, the flying probe machine can access uncovered via holes or the end of the component itself as a test point and can be programmed to check the value of passive components, directly check the orientation of diodes/transistors and make voltage measurements.

Flying probe tests are used to check:
Open Circuit, Short Circuit, Inversion, Capacitance, Inductance, Diode problems.


PCB Testing Services
PCB Testing Services

AOI stands for Automatic Optical Inspection, which is based on optical principles to detect common defects encountered in soldering production. During automatic inspection, the machine automatically scans the PCB board through the camera, captures images, and compares the detected solder joints with the qualified parameters in the database. After image processing, the defects on the PCB are checked and automatically marked by the display to show/mark the defects for repair by maintenance personnel.

The main features of AOI testing.
(1). High efficiency inspection, independent of PCB mounting density.
(2). For different inspection items, combined with optical imaging processing technology, there are different detection methods.
(3). Concise and user-friendly interface, easy to get started with the operation.
(4). Display the actual defective image, easy for the operator to carry out the final visual verification.
(5). Statistical NG data and analysis of defective causes, real-time feedback to the machine tool process information.

PCBA ICT is currently the most powerful and popular type of PCBA testing for high-volume and mature products, and a popular PCB testing method trusted by many PCB manufacturers and customers. Its fault coverage rate exceeds 95%. During PCBA ICT, an electrical probe in the form of a bed of nails sends current through a specific location on the board at a designated test point. 

These tests are used to verify the correct function, location, orientation and defects of each electronic component on the PCB. The tests include verification of short circuits, open circuits, resistance, capacitance and other parameters. The bed of the nail tester simply pushes the circuit board down on the probe bed to begin testing. Access points are pre-designed on the circuit board to allow ICT test probes to be attached to the circuit.


PCB Testing Services
PCB Testing Services

X-ray inspection of PCBs is required when there are solder joints or pads of lead-free components that cannot be seen through a microscope or with the naked eye. x-rays can penetrate PCBs and component bodies to produce 2D or even 3D images of solder joints. This makes it ideal for detecting hidden solder joints, such as those under chip packages and ball grid array packages.

AXI inspection can also detect solder voids in a way that many other optical inspection methods cannot. AXI can be a useful tool for early detection of defects, enabling engineers to make process adjustments to eliminate the source of the problem. In this test, the X-ray technician was able to locate defects early in the manufacturing process by observation.

We have high precision PCB function testing instrument, its high degree of test automation, can improve the efficiency and accuracy of pcba testing, through simple programming, can be used for all circuit board pcba function testing field, especially suitable for automotive electronics, aerospace, military and other electronic products used for important occasions.

The system adopts high-precision measurement module, the test efficiency (about 0.2 seconds/step) and accuracy is very high; with perfect self-test function, you can self-check and maintain the system at any time; with automatic learning function, according to the characteristics of the object under test, automatically select and set the measurement state to improve the measurement accuracy.

PCB Testing Services

Integrated solutions for PCB/PCBA products

PCB Testing Services

Conduct professional physical and chemical analysis of the failure problem, confirm the intrinsic mechanism of the failure, and propose targeted improvement measures.

● Destructive analysis
● Physical property analysis
● Environmental simulation
● Process stress monitoring, etc.

PCB Testing Services

● PCB ink composition ● Electroplating chemical plating solution
● Protective agent components ● Etching solution components
●Cleaning agent composition ● Flux composition
●Organic silicone composition ● Copper foil analysis
●Resin & semi-cured sheet composition analysis, etc.

PCB Testing Services

Mechanical properties:
● PCB warpage ● Laminate bending strength, etc.
Mechanical properties
● Glass transition temperature ● Thermal cracking temperature, etc.
Electrical properties
● Insulation resistance ● Surface/volume resistivity, etc.

PCB Testing Services

Nondestructive analysis:
● X-ray fluoroscopy ● CT
● Ultrasound scan

Internal structure profiling
● Slicing ● Plating thickness
● Plating composition ● Scanning electron microscope analysis, etc.

PCB Testing Services

● Rapid temperature change ● Hot and cold shock
● Alternating salt spray ● Cyclic salt spray
● Cyclic salt spray ● Constant humidity and heat
● Water and dust resistance ● Gas corrosion
UV test ● Xenon lamp test
● Low temperature storage / high temperature storage

PCB Testing Services

● Vibration ● Vibration
● Drop ● Adhesion
● Tri-combination test
● Mechanical shock test
● Highly Accelerated Stress Test HAST
● Highly Accelerated Life Test HALT HASS

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