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We have 16 years of electronic manufacturing services; our foundry products include communication, industrial control, medical care, automotive electronics, home appliances and other industries.

Definition of EMS

Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) refers to specialized electronic foundry services, a new industry that refers to manufacturers who provide a range of services such as manufacturing, sourcing, partial design, and logistics to brand owners of electronic products.

leadsintec is a China-based Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider. We provide electronic manufacturing services to global customers, and we manufacture products such as smart wearable devices, medical devices, smart home devices, new energy products, IoT products, and so on. With more than 10 years of PCBA contract manufacturing experience, we provide customized and high quality PCB assembly services to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our services include turnkey, partial turnkey and consignment.

Electronic Manufacturing Service is an integrated product manufacturing system, which coordinates all the processes of product processing to form a complete OEM system to ensure the high quality of products.

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Electronics manufacturing service

PCB assembly is a key electronic service provided by almost every EMS company. It may need to weld the PCB components to the surface paste or hole technology methods on the circuit board. In addition, the component range is from integrated circuits, transistors to resistors. However, because most of these components are very small, in addition to aligning them, a machine is also needed to pick up and place it as the key. You realized this in EMS.

Electronics manufacturing service

Any top EMS supplier has assembled cables as one of its electronic services fields. It involves the production, engineering design and testing of cable components, mechanical components and wiring beams. It can also include panel assembly and wiring.

Electronics manufacturing service

EMS suppliers should provide electromechanical assembly services, mainly manufacturing plastic, steel or aluminum boxes. Other services related to electromechanical assembly include packaging, functional testing and 3-D modeling. Others include configuration management, thermal deployment and transportation customized packaging.

Electronics manufacturing service

EMS is usually willing to outsourcing professional electronic manufacturing services such as design. Such professional design services include DFX analysis, verification, environmental testing, design, documentation, etc. In most cases, such services involve collaboration between material managers and engineers. Team design is executed below.
Circuit prototype production and simulation
3-D Physical and CAD modeling
Cost accounting exercise
Technical feasibility study
Quality review

Electronics manufacturing service

This is an important aspect of the electronic manufacturing process provided by most top EMS suppliers. The prototype production becomes very important in electronic manufacturing, because it can prevent the embarrassment when electronic products are about to be launched. Prototype production can detect product failures, durability, and product functions. Solve all problems before mass production.

Electronics manufacturing service

The process of testing the circuit board before assembly is usually proven to be necessary, which is provided by most electronic manufacturing service providers. It guarantees a complete and complete circuit board, thereby limiting any supply chain challenge. Some electronic PCB tests include the following.

ICT or online test
Flying needle test
AOI or automatic optical testing
Aging test
Additional functional test

Electronics manufacturing service

Top EMS suppliers will always provide services after the production and assembly stage. It can include maintenance and upgrade, calibration and refurbishment of electronic equipment. In addition, after -sales service also includes failure elimination, inspection, paint and cleaning.

Benefits of Working with an EMS Provider

Partnering with a reliable electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider offers numerous advantages, and the most significant four advantages are listed below:

Reduced investment
For OEM manufacturers without their own production lines, facilities, or skilled production and engineering staff, collaborating with an EMS provider can be the only way to bring a new product to market. EMS providers often make significant investments in infrastructure, technology, and personnel, and they can spread these costs among multiple customers, which means their fixed costs are shared. For OEMs with uncertain demand and fluctuating supply, working with an EMS provider is the most logical and cost-effective solution. Outsourcing helps OEMS save money, and time, and convert fixed costs that are usually very high into variable costs. The less quantity you order, the less you pay.

Skilled workforce
The need for a highly specialized workforce has become crucial with the changes in technology and customer demands. This requires not only good employee selection and training but also strong engineering expertise. This translates into substantial fixed costs that must be maintained for the assembly operations. By working with a qualified electronic manufacturing provider, the original equipment manufacturer can focus on new product development or marketing instead of spending more time on production and indirect manufacturing competencies. This not only reduces fixed costs, headcount, and personal and recruitment expenses but also minimizes the hassle of managing the production environment.

Supply Chain Expertise &Enhanced Inventory Management
Dependable electronic manufacturing service providers have extensive experience in managing procurement procedures and collaborating with pre-approved suppliers globally. They have solid planning capabilities and sophisticated ERP systems along with MES platforms to ensure smooth execution of assembly in production. These two components are crucial for managing a cost-effective production process and require expertise that is acquired through years of best practices. With these tools and capabilities, competent electronic manufacturers can respond to customer needs in a flexible and trustworthy way, not only on paper but also in a real production environment. Their knowledge in selecting approved suppliers, sourcing components, and efficiently executing the procurement process results in a well-managed supply chain. Partnering with electronics manufacturing companies frees OEMs from investing in complex IT systems and building supply chain management expertise that requires highly trained staff and long-term expertise. Professional EMS providers, on the one hand, can help to manage the supply chain, and on the other hand, they can aid OEMs to develop effective planning solutions while supervising. They work with material suppliers based on the customer’s specifications and agreements to minimize the client’s excess material and ensure a stable production process.

Boosted Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness
Late delivery can harm a company’s reputation and business. Partnering with a well-organized electronic manufacturing services provider reduces the risk of orders being delivered late, which could delay the final product delivery. This requires effective collaboration and consideration of the material’s lead times. Working with an EMS company also offers the advantage of leveraging their purchasing power and market position to negotiate more favorable material prices, as well as utilizing production equipment efficiently. The economies of scale result in a decrease in the unit cost of the OEM’s products, leading to additional financial benefits and efficiently-run projects.

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