Component procurement

LST maintains cooperative relationships with a number of well-known electronic component manufacturers around the world, and we can obtain the lowest prices and save production costs for customers.

With the expansion of our PCB assembly business, we have added a comprehensive component sourcing service to increase the efficiency of our printed circuit board assembly line so that you have more time to spend on project engineering and design.

We have a professional sourcing team, each with at least 5 years of experience in electronic component sourcing. Our team has a keen ability to analyze the market and help our customers find the most affordable components. We have established strong distribution relationships with world-renowned component manufacturers, with direct factory supply. Our partners include Arrow Electronics, Avnet, Farnell, Future Electronics, Chip1stop, Avnet, WPG, Arrow, Digi-key and Mouser.

Electronic components we supply

Component Procurement


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Component Procurement

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We promise

1.  No inappropriate part crossovers;

2. No counterfeit or gray market parts;

3. No unauthorized part substitutions;

4. No wasted time and extra costs for materials;

5. You can be sure that all parts are original.

Component Procurement

Our Procurement System

LST has a mature and effective component sourcing system to provide turnkey PCB assembly services at low cost, with a professional team responsible for customers’ PCB component sourcing and parts management. Following a systematic and organized PCB parts procurement process, we address the entire process of sourcing components and materials and manage the supply chain Electronic parts will be sourced according to the suppliers and manufacturers specified by the customer. No substitute materials will be used without your approval.

Procurement process

Organize Procurement Documents

A BOM list follows a very specific BOM template that specifically lists each item required for assembly, including the component package, part number, size, volume, manufacturer name, etc.

Send Documents

Although this process may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, the overall outline of it remains the same. When a customer requests a quote for PCBA, a BOM list is usually sent to the manufacturer along with the PCB files (e.g. Gerber files). After the receives this list, the real process of component sourcing begins for the LST Tech.

Start Purchasing

Sourcing out each component from a number of partner electronic component manufacturers (also known as original equipment manufacturers/OEMs), checking for availability and purchasing those parts for your product based on your preferences.

Select Brand

With LST Tech’s PCBA service, all customers can be assured that electronic components will be sourced from your designated suppliers or any of their partner supplies, which includes DigiKey, Mouser, Arrow, Avnet, Future Electronics, Farnell, etc.).

Assembling Components

After the needed components are sourced from OEMs, LST Tech will then handle the procurement and collection process of your components before the PCB assembly service starts.

Customer Service Tracking

As a customer, LST Tech’s support team will always be available should you have any questions regarding the status of your order or any changes you would like to make.

Our Warehousing System

lst has an independent warehouse management system for the long-term storage of the most commonly used electronic components in order to meet the long-term and rapid delivery of products to customers.

From quotation-purchasing-warehousing-storage-assembly, every component is tested, every step is traceable and every step follows strict system standards. One of the key reasons we are the PCBA manufacturer of choice for our customers is our adherence to stringent quality standards that apply to all industrial sectors.

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