Ultrasonic diagnostic equipment pcb motherboard

Medical device control PCBA
Medical pcb

Name: ultrasound diagnostic equipment pcb
Number of SMT cable: 8 high -speed SMT patch supporting production lines
SMT daily capacity: more than 50 million points or more
Detective equipment: X-ray tester, the first tester, AOI automatic optical tester, ICT tester, BGA return restaurant
Paste speed: CHIP component sticker installation speed (best condition) 0.036S/piece
The minimum packaging: 0201, the accuracy can reach+0.04mm
Minimum device accuracy: Paste PLCC, QFP, BGA, CSP and other devices, the spacing of the foot can reach+0.04mm
IC -type patch accuracy: It has a high level of sticker ultra -PCB board, flexible PCB board, and golden finger. It can be installed/inserted/mixed TFT display drive board, mobile phone motherboard, battery protection circuit and other difficult products.

Order information

Ultrasonic diagnostic device, also known as ultrasonic diagnostic device, is a instrument that uses ultrasonic diagnosis to diagnose medical diagnosis. Its working principle is to launch ultrasonic in the human body. When the ultrasonic wave encounters the interface in the body, reflection and reflection will occur, and may be absorbed and attenuated in human tissues. Due to the different shapes and structures of various tissues of the human body, the degree of reflection, refraction and absorption of ultrasound will be different. The doctor is based on the waveforms, curves, or imaging characteristics reflected by the instrument to distinguish these tissues, and combines anatomical knowledge and pathological changes to diagnose whether the organs checked are sick.


Ultrasonic diagnostic instrument is a medical research instrument for clinical medicine. Ultrasound medical imaging equipment can be divided into many types based on its principles, tasks and equipment systems.

1. Classification of space to obtain information

(1) One -dimensional information devices such as type A, M -type, and D.

(2) Two -dimensional information equipment such as fan -shaped scanning B, linear scanning type B, convex array scanning type B, etc.

(3) Three -dimensional information equipment is the three -dimensional ultrasound equipment.

2. Classification by ultrasonic waveform

(1) Continuous wave ultrasonic equipment such as continuous wave ultrasound polytele blood flow instrument.

(2) Pulse wave ultrasound equipment such as type A, M, and B ultrasonic diagnostic instrument.

3. Classification according to the physical characteristics of use

(1) Echo -type ultrasound diagnostic instrument such as type A, M, B, B, D, etc.

(2) Input ultrasound diagnostic instrument such as ultrasonic microscopes and ultrasonic holographic imaging systems.

ultrasound diagnostic equipment

Ultrasonic diagnostic PCBA processing process:

Silk printing process: Silk printing process is to print the circuit diagram to the circuit board to facilitate the subsequent welding process.

Drilling process: The drilling process is to drill on the circuit board with a drill bit to facilitate the welding of the components on the circuit board.

Patching process: Patching process is to install components on the circuit board to facilitate subsequent welding processes.

DIP plug -in welding process: The welding process is to welded the components on the circuit board with welding to facilitate the normal work of the circuit board.

Detection process: The detection process is to check whether there are defects in the circuit board to ensure the quality of the circuit board. Common AOI, SPI, etc.


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PCB capability

Number of layers 1-48 layers
Materials FR4, Tg=135150170180210, cem-3, cem-1, aluminum substrate, PTFE, Rogers, Nelco
Copper thickness 1/2oz, 1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4oz, 5oz
Board Thickness 8-236mil (0.2-6.0mm)
Minimum line width/spacing 3/3 million (75/75um)
Minute drilling size 8 million (0.2 mm)
Min HDI laser drill size 3 million (0.067 mm)
Aperture tolerance 2 million (0.05 mm)
PTH copper thickness 1 million (25 microns)
Resistance welding color Green, Blue, Yellow, White, Black, Red
Strippable solder mask layer yes
surface treatment HASL (ROHS), ENING, OSP, sinking silver, sinking tin, shining gold, golden fingers
Gold thickness 2-30u “(0.05-0.76um)
Blind hole/buried hole yes
V-shaped cutting yes

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