Sensor IC Substrate

Sensor IC Substrate
IC Substrate

●Product name: sensor IC load board
●Board material: SI10U
●Minimum line width/line distance: 50/50um
●Number of layers: 4 layers
●Surface process: Shen Jin
●Board thick: 0.25mm
●Anti -welding: R500
●Used: Sensor
●Layer: 4Layers
●Structure: 1L-4L1L-2L, 3L-4L

Order information

Sensor IC is an integrated circuit that contains sensors, signal conditioning circuits and communication interface circuits that perceive environmental physical quantities. Sensor ICs can provide digital data for environmental physical quantities through application interface (API), which can be used for applications such as machine learning, industrial manufacturing, medical equipment, and smart home.

Sensor ICs mainly include pressure sensor IC, temperature sensor IC, optical sensor IC, sound sensor IC, acceleration sensor IC, etc. These ICs can be selected and configured according to different application scenarios to provide developers with a fast, accurate, and reliable environmental physical quantity perception solution.

Product parameters

Items Condition Unit SI10U(S)
Tg DMA 280
Td 5% wt. loss >400
CTE (X/Y-axis) Before Tg ppm/℃ 10
CTE (Z-axis) α1/α2 ppm/℃ 25/135
Dielectric Constant 1) (1GHz) 4.4
Dissipation Factor 1) (1GHz) 0.007
Peel Strength1) 1/3 OZ, VLP Cu N/mm 0.80
Solder Dipping @288℃ min >30
Young’s modulus 50℃ GPa 26
Young’s modulus 200℃ GPa 23
Flexural Modulus1) 50℃ GPa 32
Flexural Modulus1) 200℃ GPa 27
Water Absorption1) A % 0.14
Water Absorption1) 85℃/85%RH,168Hr % 0.35
Flammability UL-94 Rating V-0
Thermal Conductivity W/(m.K) 0.61
Color Black

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