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portable x ray machine

Electrical parameters of the equipment

1.X-ray tube parameters: 0.4 focal length, 12 degrees oblique angle, working parameters (exposure parameters) :60KV, 1.2MA.
2.Exposure time: 0.13S-2S.
3.Using 10C high rate 14500 battery pack, battery capacity: 6S-1100MAH.
Battery voltage 25.2V.
4.Inverter frequency:30KHZ.
5.IPS full-view industrial-grade capacitive touch LCD screen, 3.5 inch / resolution 480 * 320.
6.standby power consumption: 2W, shutdown power consumption <0.1W, working power consumption >110W.
7. power supply board driver board size only: 10CM * 6.5CM. LCD touch panel size: 10CM * 6.0CM.

Product function

Portable X-ray machine is a small (micro) X-ray machine that can achieve the purpose of fluoroscopy by imaging with X-ray principle. It is mainly composed of X-ray tube and power supply and control circuits, etc., while the X-ray tube by the cathode filament and anode target and vacuum glass tube, providing a high-voltage electric field to make the filament active accelerated flow to the cathode, the formation of high-speed electron flow. The high-speed electron flow penetrates the object and is processed by the portable X-ray machine to produce a fluoroscopic picture.

Portable x-ray machines can be better adapted to the patient than traditional wall-mounted machines. For children and the elderly, as well as patients with physical disabilities or special needs who prefer to sit or lie down in a dental chair for an examination, a handheld device can reduce their fear and allow them to relax in these situations. Handheld x-ray machines can also be more easily positioned at any angle you need, and they offer space-saving options for smaller practices.

Portable X-ray machine applications

Portable X-ray machines are widely used in many fields due to their portability as well as imaging capabilities.

1. Non-destructive testing: Portable X-ray machine is often used in non-destructive testing, such as shipbuilding, petrochemical equipment, machinery and equipment, aerospace, transportation and construction and other industrial fields. It is mainly used to inspect ship hulls, pipelines, pressure vessels, gas boilers, flights, motor vehicles, steel bridges, etc. It can find and judge whether there are internal and external defects in these items.

2. Medical field: Portable X-ray machines can be used to diagnose injuries and illnesses that require immediate medical attention, such as fractures, dislocations and other injuries. When the emergency response team arrives on the scene, the use of portable X-ray machines can quickly diagnose and treat suspected injuries, improving the patient’s chances of recovery and preventing further complications.

3. Oral Health
Dental x-ray machines are mainly used in dental clinics to do pre-treatment checkups, comparison of treatment results during treatment, and confirmation of treatment results after treatment. For tooth extraction, it is an indispensable equipment in the daily work of the clinic if you want to know the internal tissue structure of the tooth bed, the depth of the tooth root, the degree of inflammation of the pulp, and even the internal condition of the broken tooth and so on. Because the dose is tiny and no protection is required, some hospitals purchase them for bedside testing of the fingers and toes to be photographed.

In addition, portable X-ray machines have other applications, such as security equipment, archaeological research, art appraisal and so on. In short, portable X-ray machines have a wide range of applications, flexibility and versatility.

Features of portable X-ray machines

1.Battery reverse connection protection, reduce mass production misoperation board burn damage.

2. Complete various power supply protection measures, battery over-voltage, low voltage (OVP, LVP) protection, over-current short-circuit (OCP) protection.

3. 250 consecutive exposures with full power (0.25S).

4. The ray source component is wrapped with multi-layer lead skin to reduce radiation, plus insulating paper wrapping.

5. The circuit can automatically detect the filament power supply and high voltage on at the same time in order to exposure, to avoid unilateral opening caused by invalid exposure or high voltage breakdown damage to the device.

6. Efficient closed-loop feedback circuit control makes the high-voltage output stable, low ripple characteristics, constant-current control of the filament current resulting in stable tube current.

7. Continuous long time 3 seconds exposure repeated tests until the battery power is exhausted without failure exposure test verification.

8. All circuits all independent research and development, skilled and master the key technologies, to provide parameter research and development changes, secondary development and customization.


1. Shooting dental film. Teeth. The angle of projection of the ball head should be correct, keep it stable in the final stage of the time countdown, do not make the three mutual position change.

2. Please turn off the power after use.

3. Turn on the power for one minute before starting to shoot, in order to keep the ray output stable.

4. When the battery is low, the machine will enter the automatic protection state, and normal filming cannot be carried out at this time.

5. During filming, press the exposure button to stop the machine urgently and return to the ready state.

6. Use the tablets and liquid supplied with the machine. Or go to the manufacturer and regular channels to buy genuine dental tablets and liquid, otherwise it will affect the shooting results.

7. When using, please hold and put gently, so as to avoid man-made damage to the valuable bulb.

8. If you find that the machine can not be normally opened to shoot the phenomenon and can not be resolved, contact the manufacturer or distribution unit in a timely manner. Do not disassemble the machine by yourself.

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