Outdoor Energy Storage Power Thick Copper PCB

New Energy PCB
New Energy PCB

Substrate: FR4-TG150
Layers: 4
Dielectric Constant: 4.2
Board Thickness: 1.6mm
Outer Layer Copper Thickness: 3OZ
Inner Layer Copper Thickness: 3OZ
Surface Finish: Lead-free HASL
Minimum Hole Diameter: 0.3mm
Minimum Line Width: 0.3mm
Minimum Line Spacing: 0.3mm
Application: Outdoor
Energy Storage Features: Thick copper, high reliability

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What is an Outdoor Power Supply?

An outdoor power supply, also known as a portable energy storage power supply, is a multifunctional power source with built-in lithium-ion batteries capable of storing electrical energy. Essentially a small, portable charging station, it boasts characteristics such as lightweight, high capacity, high power, long lifespan, and strong stability. It can output common power interfaces such as DC and AC, making it suitable for powering laptops, drones, photography lights, projectors, rice cookers, electric fans, kettles, cars, and more. It is ideal for high-energy consumption scenarios such as outdoor camping, live streaming, construction, location shooting, and emergency home power supply.

Advantages of Thick Copper PCBs

Thick copper PCBs hold a significant position in the electronics manufacturing industry, offering numerous advantages:

  1. Enhanced Signal Integrity: Thick copper PCBs use thicker copper foil, resulting in lower surface resistance and better conductivity. This reduces signal loss during transmission and ensures signal integrity, especially crucial for high-frequency signals.
  2. Improved Power Stability: These PCBs can carry larger currents, which is vital for power distribution network (PDN) design. Stable power supply reduces voltage fluctuations, enhancing overall electronic device performance.
  3. Superior Thermal Management: The thick copper layer not only provides excellent electrical performance but also aids in heat dissipation. In high-power applications, multilayer thick copper PCBs effectively conduct heat away from hot spots, reducing overall temperature and extending the lifespan of electronic components.
  4. Support for High-Density Interconnect (HDI): As electronic devices become smaller, the demand for efficient space utilization on PCBs increases. Multilayer thick copper PCBs allow for more compact circuitry and smaller vias, meeting the needs of miniaturized devices.
  5. Increased Mechanical Strength: Compared to thin copper layers, thick copper layers offer stronger mechanical support, making the PCB more robust and durable. This is particularly important for applications subjected to physical shock or vibration.
  6. Reduced Electromagnetic Interference (EMI): The design of multilayer thick copper PCBs can effectively reduce EMI. Internal grounding layers act as shielding layers, minimizing the impact of external electromagnetic waves on the circuit and preventing internal signals from causing interference.
  7. Greater Design Flexibility: Multilayer designs provide more routing space, allowing engineers to achieve complex circuit designs within limited space. This flexibility is crucial for innovative and complex circuitry.
  8. Increased Production Efficiency: Although manufacturing multilayer thick copper PCBs may cost more than regular PCBs, their optimized design can reduce the likelihood of post-production modifications. This helps save overall development time and costs.
  9. High Conductivity: Thick copper PCBs use thick copper foil as a conductive material, offering higher conductivity to meet the demands of high current and high voltage.
  10. Ease of Processing: Thick copper PCBs are easy to process using standard PCB manufacturing techniques.

In summary, thick copper PCBs exhibit significant advantages in electrical performance, thermal management, mechanical strength, design flexibility, and production efficiency. These benefits make them widely used in high-end communication equipment, military and aerospace, medical devices, and automotive electronics.

Copper PCB

LST PCB capability

Number of layers 1-48 layers
Materials Fr4, Tg=135150170180210, cem-3, cem-1, aluminum substrate, PTFE, Rogers, Nelco
Copper thickness 1/2oz, 1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4oz, 5oz
Board Thickness 8-236mil (0.2-6.0mm)
Minimum line width/spacing 3/3 million (75/75um)
Minute drilling size 8 million (0.2 mm)
Min HDI laser drill size 3 million (0.067 mm)
Aperture tolerance 2 million (0.05 mm)
PTH copper thickness 1 million (25 microns)
Resistance welding color Green, Blue, Yellow, White, Black, Red
Strippable solder mask layer Yes
Surface treatment HASL (ROHS), ENING, OSP, sinking silver, sinking tin, shining gold, golden fingers
Gold thickness 2-30u “(0.05-0.76um)
Blind hole/buried hole Yes
V-shaped cutting Yes

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