Medical device control PCBA

Medical device control PCBA
Medical pcb

Layers : 2Layers
Surface Process : Lead-free HASL
Base material: copper
Insulation material: organic resin
Insulation resin: epoxy resin
It’s negative: you can customize
The minimum packaging: 0201, the accuracy can reach+0.04mm
Minimum device accuracy: Paste PLCC, QFP, BGA, CSP and other devices, the spacing of the foot can reach+0.04mm

Order information

Printing circuit board (PCB) has an important position in medical care and medicine. With the continuous innovation of the industry, it provides the best technology for patients and their caregivers, and more and more research, treatment and diagnosis strategies are developing in the direction of automation. Therefore, more work involving PCB assembly is needed to improve medical equipment in the industry.

With the aging population, the importance of PCB assembly in the medical industry will continue to grow. At present, PCB plays an important role in cardiac surveillance equipment such as MRI and other medical imaging equipment and cardiac pacemakers. Even temperature monitoring equipment and response nerve stimulators can achieve the most advanced PCB technology and components.

Our manufacturing advantage

* PCB manufacturing from 1-48 layers. (Single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer, HDI board, buried blind hole board, etc.).
* Material procurement and management.
* The supply of electronic components and stable cooperation with a number of world-renowned component manufacturers to give you a factory price.
* Quick-Turn PCBA Prototype and NPI.
* PCBA and Tongkou assembly.
* PCB design & IC pre-programming & functional verification & aging test.
* Complete unit assembly (the box includes plastic, screen, metal case, film, coil, wiring, etc.).
* Accept a small and high-mixed model solution.
* AOI, in-circuit test, BGA stickers.
* Engineering support, including the termination of circuits, metals, plastic shells and packaging, and outdated component replacement and design support.

PCB capability

Number of layers 1-48 layers
Materials FR4, Tg=135150170180210, cem-3, cem-1, aluminum substrate, PTFE, Rogers, Nelco
Copper thickness 1/2oz, 1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4oz, 5oz
Board Thickness 8-236mil (0.2-6.0mm)
Minimum line width/spacing 3/3 million (75/75um)
Minute drilling size 8 million (0.2 mm)
Min HDI laser drill size 3 million (0.067 mm)
Aperture tolerance 2 million (0.05 mm)
PTH copper thickness 1 million (25 microns)
Resistance welding color Green, Blue, Yellow, White, Black, Red
Strippable solder mask layer yes
surface treatment HASL (ROHS), ENING, OSP, sinking silver, sinking tin, shining gold, golden fingers
Gold thickness 2-30u “(0.05-0.76um)
Blind hole/buried hole yes
V-shaped cutting yes

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