Electrical switch control system PCBA

Electrical switch control system PCBA
Industrial PCB

Number of SMT lines: 7 high-speed SMT mating lines
SMT daily production capacity: more than 30 million points
Inspection equipment: X-RAY tester, first piece tester, AOI automatic optical tester, ICT tester, BGA rework station
Mounting speed: CHIP component mounting speed (optimal conditions) 0.036S/chip
Minimum package: 0201, accuracy up to +0.04mm
Minimum device accuracy: PLCC, QFP, BGA, CSP and other devices can be pasted, With pin spacing up to +0.04mm
IC-type placement accuracy: the mounting of ultra-PCB boards, flexible PCB boards, gold fingers, etc. has a high level, can be mounted/inserted/mixed TFT display driver boards, cell phone motherboards, battery protection circuits and other difficult products.

Order information

Electrical control system, refers to the combination of a number of electrical components, used to achieve the control of a certain object or certain objects, so as to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the controlled equipment. The main functions of the electrical control system are: automatic control, protection, monitoring and measurement. It is composed of three main parts: input part (such as sensors, switches, buttons, etc.), logic part (such as relays, contacts, etc.) and the implementation of the part (such as solenoid coils, indicator lights, etc.)

1. The design principles of the electrical system, there are the following four points:
(1) Maximize the requirements of production machinery and processes for electrical control lines;
(2) Strive to make the control line simple and economical under the premise of meeting the production requirements;
(3) To ensure the reliability and safety of the control line work;
(4) easy operation and maintenance.

2. The basic content of the electrical control system design are:
(1) the development of electrical design task book;
(2) determine the power drag program and control mode;
(3) Select the motor capacity, structural form;
(4) Design electrical control schematic diagram, calculate the main technical parameters;
(5) Select electrical components and make a list of electrical components;
(6) Prepare design and calculation instructions.

Our Manufacturing Advantages
* PCB manufacturing from 1-48 layers. (Single-side, double-side, multi-layer, HDI board, buried blind hole board, etc.).
* Material procurement and management.
* Electronic components supply, stable cooperation with many world-renowned component manufacturers, give you the factory price.
* Quick-turn PCBA Prototype and NPI.
* PCBA and through-hole assembly.
* PCB Design & IC Pre-programming & Functional Verification & Aging Test.
* Complete unit assembly (case including plastic, screen, metal case, film, coil, wire harness, etc.).
* Acceptance of small volume and high mix model solutions.
* AOI, in-circuit testing, BGA placement.
* Engineering support including end-of-life and obsolete component replacement and design support for circuits, metal and plastic enclosures and packaging.

PCB capability

Number of layers 1-48 layers
Materials FR4, Tg=135150170180210, cem-3, cem-1, aluminum substrate, PTFE, Rogers, Nelco
Copper thickness 1/2oz, 1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4oz, 5oz
Board Thickness 8-236mil (0.2-6.0mm)
Minimum line width/spacing 3/3 million (75/75um)
Minute drilling size 8 million (0.2 mm)
Min HDI laser drill size 3 million (0.067 mm)
Aperture tolerance 2 million (0.05 mm)
PTH copper thickness 1 million (25 microns)
Resistance welding color Green, Blue, Yellow, White, Black, Red
Strippable solder mask layer Yes
Surface treatment HASL (ROHS), ENING, OSP, sinking silver, sinking tin, shining gold, golden fingers
Gold thickness 2-30u “(0.05-0.76um)
Blind hole/buried hole Yes
V-shaped cutting Yes

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