Top 10 PCB manufacturers in China in 2024

Top 10 PCB manufacturers in China in 2024

Since 2016, the proportion of China’s PCB output value has always remained above 50%. With the continuous deepening of the PCB industry’s transfer, the proportion of China’s PCB output value is also increasing. According to Cinno Research data, in 2021, in the top 100 PCB industry in the world, as many as 62 Chinese companies, accounting for over 60 %, China has become the global PCB industry center. Today we will discuss China top 10 PCB manufacturers to help customers better understand China’s PCB industry. The specific content is as follows:

1.Zhen Ding Tech.

Zhen Ding tech.
Founded in Taiwan, a large PCB professional manufacturer, engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and sales of printing line boards (PCB).
Zhen Ding Technology Holdings was established on June 5, 2006. It mainly produces various types of PCB products. Products are widely used in computer information, consumer electronics, communications, internet, automotive, medical and other fields.

Zhen Ding Technology Holdings has an experienced management team. Under the leadership of Chairman Shen Qingfang, the company cooperates with world -class customers to use advanced technology and technology to cooperate with high efficiency, low cost, and construct a complete manufacturing base. Create four modern manufacturing projects of efficiency, rationalization, automation, and inhumration.




Zhuhai Zixiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a Japan Electronic Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of MEKTRON Group, a wholly -owned overseas company. As a professional group company producing flexible printing line boards, MEKTRON has made the company’s product market share and various indicators among the top industries.
Mektec has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, IATF16949 system certification, ANSI/ESD-S20.20 certification, ISO/IEC27001 certification. Mainly produce car product circuit boards, mobile phones and camera -related PCB.


3.Hong Yyuen Electronics LTD

Top 10 PCB manufacturers in China in 2024

Hong Yuen Electronics was founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Hong Kong. In 1993, it was put into production in Humen Factory in Guangdong. In 2008, it was transformed into a wholly -owned foreign -owned company. It has now become a professional printing circuit board manufacturer with 100,000 square meters and 2,000 smart employees.
The company focuses on the technology research and development, product manufacturing and sales of high -end PCB and FPC products. The main products include high -density interconnected accumulation boards, multi -layer deflection boards, rigid printing circuit boards, packaging boards, HDI and high -tech fields Circuit boards are widely used in the fields of communications, automobiles, consumption, industry, medical care, and customers are located in North America, Europe, China and Asia Pacific.




SANMINA Corporation, a Fortune 500 Company, site in San Jose, California, USA. The world’s Premier Electronics Contract Manufacturer (EMS). Sanmina provides end-to-end manufacturing solutions, The Company provides a full spectrum of integrated, value-added services that include engineering and design, multi-layered printed circuit boards (PCBs), custom-designed backplane assemblies, complex printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs), cabling/wiring harness assemblies, electronic enclosure systems, memory modules, optical modules, subsystem and system-level assembly, supply chain design and management, and logistics and installation services. Sanmina has over 100 manufacturing plants located in 20 countries and more than 59,000 employees。
Sanmina(ShenZhen) Ltd. is a member of Sanmina. It won the title of “Top 500 Enterprises Export Value of China” and “Outstanding Foreign Investment Enterprises”In 2002, Sanmina(ShenZhen)Ltd. Which has 3,000 employees, it is superbly located near Guangzhou-Shenzhen Express Way and No.107 national highway. The company has good environment and facilities with football ground, basketball ground, badminton ground and air-conditional production plants.




Shenzhen Kinwong Electronic Co., LTD: Founded in March 1993, it is a company specializing in the development, production and sales of printing circuit boards and electronic materials. Board, HDI board, just scratching board, high -end electronic material, etc.

Our products cover multi -layer boards, carrier boards, thick copper plates, high -frequency high -speed boards, metal -based circuit boards, double -sided/multi -layer flexible circuit boards, high -density flexible circuit boards, HDI boards, rigid binding boards, special materials, special materials PCB, etc., is a manufacturer of a small number of domestic products covering rigid circuit boards, flexible circuit boards and metal -based circuit boards. We provide customers with competitive, safe and reliable products, solutions and services in the fields of automotive, communication, computer, power supply, smart terminals, industrial control medical and consumer.


6.TTM technology

TTM Technology
Established in 1998, one of the global large -scale printing circuit board manufacturers is committed to the assembly and electronic solutions of Allegro and high -tech printing circuit boards/backboards.
TTM Technology was established in 1998, and it has not developed to this day to date one of North America’s larger printing line board suppliers and the world’s largest suppliers. On April 9, 2010, TTM Technology acquired the printing line board business of Meiwei Holdings, making it a world -leading high -tech printing line board and backboard assembly company.

TTM Technology is the leader of key technologies and one -stop services, including fast order delivery and new product introduction, advanced high -density interconnection board support cutting -edge smartphones and tablet products, for high -end computers and networks The computing function of the road market, the professional printing line board and assembly of the aerospace and national defense industry, and the medical and industrial market of high mixed/low -batch production.


7.Tripod technology

TRIPOD Technology

Founded in 1998, it has a strong research and development process capabilities that can provide professional printing circuit board companies with accurate multi -layer board production technology. The company provides customers with accurate multi -layer board manufacturing technology, accurate delivery schedule, and fully meet customer needs in the budget.
On time and high quality are one of the elements of the success of customers and Tripod. Through hundreds of experiments and design, process and quality are the most important elements. Real -time management system provides the latest and most real -time information of the management unit. The manufacturing system of Tripod Technology provides real -time data feedback for engineering personnel control and data analysis. Such a feedback system can provide analysts as decisions according to the needs of customers. All TRIPOD technology customers not only provide services to customers, but also include upstream and downstream manufacturers of Tripod Technology.


8.Shenzhen Shennan Circuits (SCC)

Shenzhen Shennan Circuits(SCC)
Established in 1984, it focuses on the integration providers of electronic circuit technology and solutions mainly based on the electronic interconnection field, the electronic circuit technology and solutions, which are mainly engaged in printing the circuit board/packaging substrate and electronic installation. The headquarters is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. The main production bases are located in Shenzhen, China, Wuxi and Nantong, Jiangsu. They have technical support and sales service centers in North America and have R & D sites in Europe.

The Shennan Circuit has always focused on the field of electronic interconnection. It has three businesses: printing circuit board, packaging substrate and electronic installation, forming a unique “3-in-One” business layout in the industry: that is, the core of interconnection, which is continuously strengthened, continuously strengthened While printing the status of the circuit board business, vigorously develops the packaging substrate business with its “technical root” and the “customer homologous” electronic union business. The company has a comprehensive manufacturing capabilities that provide “samples → small and medium -sized batch → large quantities”. Through the development of full value chain services such as solution design, manufacturing, electronic installation, micro -assembly and testing, it provides customers with professional one -stop comprehensive solutions.



AT&S Technology Co. Ltd.
Beginning in Austria in 1987, its high -density microporous printing circuit board is famous in the industry.

The AT & S Group entered China in 2001 and established a wholly -owned enterprise AT & S (China) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai.

Thanks to the correct choice and rapid development of the market, the AT & S Shanghai plant has achieved profit after June alone. Then the group’s four capital increases before and after the group create technologies and capacity suitable for HDI printed circuit board production. As of now, the total investment has exceeded $ 700 million. In just ten years, AT & S has achieved high -speed growth in China. In July 2011, the production capacity of the Shanghai plant has been fully expanded.


10.Shenzhen LST Technology Co. Ltd.

LST Technology

We focus on providing PCB services for global enterprises, including PCB design, PCB manufacturing and assembly, electronic component procurement, electronic finished product assembly and other businesses.
LST has automatic printing machines, automatic placement machines. hot reflow soldering, automatic wave soldering and other advanced electronic product processing equipment; Factory with 8000 square meters, more than 300 employees., rich experience and excellent production technology.
We are committed to providing customers with perfect one-stop PCB solutions.

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