Introduction and application of Rogers PCB

Introduction and application of Rogers PCB

In the use of electronic circuit boards, many customers choose Rogers PCB. Rogers PCB line board is a high frequency PCB board produced by Rogers. Unlike conventional PCB circuit boards, it is epoxy resin. There is no glass fiber in the middle. It uses high frequency ceramic materials. It has improved reliability and performance. It can be better applied to high-power applications, such as electric vehicles/hybrid vehicles, automotive electrification, industrial, renewable areas and fields, and renewable areas and fields. Public transit.

Application of Rogers PCB

Rogers PCB is a high-quality circuit board, so the place used will also be a core part of the product, which is widely used in the high-tech industry.

The field of communication. Used for key components for honeycomb base, live satellite, communication system, microwave equipment, modern 5G radio, operator-level Wi-Fi and other antennas.

Automobile industry. Rogers printed circuit boards can be deployed in automation/mechanized test equipment (ATE), automotive radar, sensors, etc.

RF engineering. Rogers printed circuit boards are deployed in the middle of the ROGERS printed circuit board.

Aviation engineering. Rogers PCBs can also be deployed in ACAS or aircraft collision systems, return radio, microstrip antenna, etc.

Rogers PCB is also used in DAS and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and other useful computer fields.

In the military, Rogers PCB is used in radio communication systems, interference systems, etc.

Rogers Printed Circuit Board Benefits

The main reason is that Rogers PCB is loved by all customers. The main reason is that it has many advantages. Specific performance is as follows:

Rogers PCB has low hygroscopic and thermal expansion, as well as solid dimensional stability under various conditions.

Rogers PCB material has high compatibility and simplicity in manufacturing due to its thinness (usually 0.1mm) in manufacturing.

It also has excellent thermal management functions that make it ideal for circuits and electronic components or for generating overheating equipment.

Another key feature that has proven to be very useful is the reduction of air leakage, particularly in space applications.

Rogers printed circuit boards match the size and position of the wiring, improving impedance control.

Stable high frequency performance.

Introduction and application of Rogers PCB

Various types of materials commonly used in Rogers PCB

There are at least 15 types of PCB printed circuit boards and pre-immersed materials. For example, some materials have special electrical properties, while others have high frequency performance. Some are used for microwave and radio frequency applications, while others are used for specific, high speed or critical tasks. The following are several types of PCB printed circuit board manufacturers.

Rogers 4350 Materials: These materials are mainly hydrocarbons or reinforced glass ceramics. Their processing meets the FR4 standard. Rogers 4350 helps to increase dielectric strength, and does not require special tools or hole technology to install PTFE materials and other components. They are UL 94 V-0, suitable for high power RF design and active devices. They provide excellent dimensional stability.

Rogers 92ML Materials: These are halogen -free epoxy pre -immersed and laminated pressure materials. They are electrically conductive and filled with ceramics. These materials help reduce surface temperature and are environmentally friendly. For PCB printed circuit boards with metal substrates, these materials are provided with aluminum plates.

RO3000® series: These materials are widely used in radio frequency and microwave applications. They use ceramic filled PTFE composite materials, and they have excellent electrical and mechanical properties regardless of dielectric constant. They have both woven glass reinforced materials and no woven glass reinforced materials. They help with the design of multi-layer circuit boards.


Factors to Consider When Choosing Rogers Materials

Where is the PCB product used? This determines the choice of raw materials and selects the right material to create an excellent circuit board. When choosing Rogers PCB materials, we can consider these elements.

1. Make sure that the material does not absorb water when immersed in water. While this may sound unrealistic, the absorption rate should not exceed 0.2%. Materials with low absorption rates will have better thermal performance and electrical properties.

2. In high operating frequency applications, the dielectric constant must be stable. The high charge value in PCB printed circuit board material enhances capacitors and voltage through the PCB printed circuit board.

3. Swell when things are heated and shrink when they are cooled. When the PCB is exposed to a temperature that exceeds the temperature of the setting glass, this simple principle also applies to the PCB printed circuit board. The rate of expansion beyond the temperature is called the thermal expansion coefficient, and measured at one millionth (PPM). This is an important factor that needs to be checked when using Rogers materials.

4. Temperature resistance always has upper and lower limits. This is based on application requirements and selects the material of the PCB printed circuit board. If there is an error, the temperature will definitely exceed the upper limit, and the PCB printed circuit board may decompose and lose part of the quality. To prevent this, the decomposition temperature should be set outside the upper limit. Generally, the temperature is 350 degrees Celsius for most applications.

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