New Energy

In recent years, the rapid development of the new energy industry, solar power, wind power, new energy vehicles and other areas of development, driving the rapid development of new energy PCB industry. lST’s expertise covers a wide range of areas, including high-voltage power, renewable energy systems, industrial production, transportation, avionics, etc. We have designed and developed a number of technologies in the field of new energy PCBs. We have designed and developed a number of new energy PCB technologies, and we offer turnkey renewable energy electronics manufacturing services including rapid prototyping, PCB design and layout, electronics assembly and test. Contact us now if you need it.

Product Showcase

Solar Photovoltaic System Control Board

Solar Photovoltaic System Control Board

Automotive Multifunction PCB

Automotive Multifunction PCB

Our Advantages

One-stop production and processing service: Provide customers with one-stop solution from PCB design to cost assembly.

Provide a variety of PCB: wide product coverage, providing single-layer PCB, double-layer PCB, multi-layer PCB, rigid and flexible PCB.

Processing accuracy is accurate: 0201 small size components can be mounted, and the pasting accuracy can reach plus or minus 0.05MM.

Perfect quality system: passed IATF16949: 2016 and ISO9001 certification, with flying probe/AOI/LCT multiple inspection system.

Fast production efficiency: fast response, customer service 1 to 1 follow up, PCB prototyping only takes 24 hours.

Protect customer privacy: we sign a confidentiality agreement with every customer, 100% guarantee the safety of product information and customer privacy.

Our Design

1.New energy automobile products

We can design and manufacture PCB boards for new energy charging piles, navigation, MCU, radar sensing and other products, and we have developed some manufacturing processes that are in line with new production trends. We can help to design your PCB and each board has been tested for perfect functionality before leaving the factory.

New Energy
New Energy

2. Storage systems

Battery storage is critical to powering portable or standalone electronic systems such as electric and self-driving cars. The same is true for intermittent renewable energy sources such as solar and wind farms. pcba’s are typically used for controllers, conversion, inverters, thermal regulation, battery management and power distribution.

3.Smart Solar Lights

Solar products rely on sunlight as a raw material to provide clean and environmentally friendly energy.

New Energy

Our Abilities

Assembly Types Component Types Files Required for Quote and Production
SMT Assembly( with AOI inspection);BGA Assembly(with X-Ray inspection);Through-hole Assembly;SMT& Through-hole Mixed Assembly; Kit Assembly ● Passives, smallest size 0201(inch)
● Fine-pitch chips to 0.38mm
● BGA (0.2mm pitch), FPGA, LGA, DFN, QFN with X-Ray testing
● Connectors and terminals
● Turnkey PCB Gerber RS-274X, 274D, or PCB Design file
● Turnkey PCB BOM (Bill of Materials, .xls, xlsx)
● Turnkey PCB Pick-N-Place file / XY file (for production only)
Quality Inspection Components Sourcing Order quantity
● AOI Inspection;
● X-Ray Inspection
● Voltage Test;
● Chip Programming;
● ICT Test; Functional Test
● Turnkey PCB Full turnkey (All components sourced by Yingstar);
● Turnkey PCB Partial turnkey;
● Turnkey PCB Kitted/Consigned
● Turnkey PCB 5pcs to 100,000pcs;
● Turnkey PCB From Prototypes to Mass Production
PCB Types Solder Types Assembly Lead Time
Rigid PCB
Metal core PCB;
Flex PCB;
Rigid-Flex PCB
Leaded; Lead-Free(Rohs);
Water soluble solder paste
From 8 hours to 72 hours when parts are ready
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