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The growth of the IoT and AI industries has spurred further developments in consumer electronics, with many products and services benefiting from AI developments, including mobile devices, wearable sensors, smart appliances and virtual personal assistants. One way that AI can give companies a competitive advantage is by helping them create hyper-personalized experiences for their customers.


LST Technology provides a wide range of services to a variety of consumer electronics industries, including home appliances, entertainment electronics, digital devices, and more. With extensive manufacturing and assembly capabilities, we ensure that our services fulfill a variety of tests. We are preferred for consumer electronics pcba manufacturing, follow us for more information on consumer electronics.

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LST Technology is a provider known for turnkey PCBA processing and related services. Focusing on service excellence and continuous learning of new technologies, we offer a comprehensive range of PCBA services including SMT assembly, THT assembly and various types of PCB manufacturing. With ISO 9001 quality certification and 10 years of experience in electronic product manufacturing and processing, we provide electronic pcba services to customers all over the world.

Choosing LST is the same as choosing high quality, we can provide all the services you want, our experienced staff is proficient in manufacturing, assembly, testing and customer support.

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Smart phone motherboards

Smartphone motherboards

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Automatic Coffee Machine Circuit Board

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Motor control board-High Power

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What is consumer electronics?

Consumer electronics generally refers to consumer electronic products, is designed around consumer applications and life, work and entertainment closely related to the electronic products, and ultimately realize the consumer’s freedom of choice of information, to enjoy the purpose of entertainment, focusing mainly on personal purchase and personal consumption of electronic products.

What are the consumer electronics products?

In combination with the development of consumer electronics products, consumer electronics on the market can be roughly classified as three categories, namely: traditional consumer electronics, emerging consumer electronics products and intelligent interconnection consumer electronics products.

(1) Traditional consumer electronics products

Including traditional audiovisual home appliances such as televisions, video recorders, audio, radios, laser singers, headphones, VCDs, DVDs. Traditional consumer electronics products have now entered almost every family, becoming a necessity for people’s families and office life. The market’s demand for such products, as well as supply, is relatively stable and regular. Such products are basically innovative and produced according to people’s needs.

(2) Emerging consumer electronics products

Including digital cameras, mobile phones, portable listening, home gaming machines, desktop computers, etc., it is more convenient, consumer electronics produced under certain entertainment fashion needs. Emerging consumer electronics products have higher requirements for technology and innovation than traditional consumer electronics products, but after years of development, the technology, market demand and supply of emerging consumer electronics have gradually matured. Consumer electronics companies rely on creating new products to meet consumer needs.

(3) Intelligent interconnection consumer electronics products

Including smartphones, smart homes, smart security, smart wearable devices, smart tablets, smart vehicle electronic products, etc. The birth and development of the Internet have completely changed people’s production and lifestyle, bringing great changes to people’s lives. In order to facilitate people’s lives, intelligent interconnection consumer electronics products came into being. Based on the birth of the iPhone mobile phone of Apple, people have really entered the era of mobile Internet. The interoperability between intelligent consumer electronics products has become a major feature of consumer electronics products. It will also have a profound impact on people’s lives and work. Essence

PCB Design And Layout

You can outsource your PCB design to us. Our internal engineers can help you create the perfect PCB for your project. We can use different software to meet your PCB design requirements.

Our Abilities

Assembly Types Component Types Files Required for Quote and Production
SMT Assembly( with AOI inspection);BGA Assembly(with X-Ray inspection);Through-hole Assembly;SMT& Through-hole Mixed Assembly; Kit Assembly ● Passives, smallest size 0201(inch)
● Fine-pitch chips to 0.38mm
● BGA (0.2mm pitch), FPGA, LGA, DFN, QFN with X-Ray testing
● Connectors and terminals
● Turnkey PCB Gerber RS-274X, 274D, or PCB Design file
● Turnkey PCB BOM (Bill of Materials, .xls)
● Turnkey PCB Pick-N-Place file / XY file (for production only)
Quality Inspection Components Sourcing Order quantity
● AOI Inspection;
● X-Ray Inspection
● Voltage Test;
● Chip Programming;
● ICT Test; Functional Test
● Turnkey PCB Full turnkey (All components sourced by Yingstar);
● Turnkey PCB Partial turnkey;
● Turnkey PCB Kitted/Consigned
● Turnkey PCB 5pcs to 100,000pcs;
● Turnkey PCB From Prototypes to Mass Production
PCB Types Solder Types Assembly Lead Time
Rigid PCB
Metal core PCB;
Flex PCB;
Rigid-Flex PCB
Leaded; Lead-Free(Rohs);
Water soluble solder paste
From 8 hours to 72 hours when parts are ready
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