Automotive PCB

Automotive PCB

Automotive PCB refers to the PCB specifically applied to the field of automotive electronics.PCB in automotive electronics mainly contains power control systems, safety control systems, body electronic systems, entertainment and communication of the four systems, so the requirements for the PCB both in terms of volume and price of the product, including the demand for high reliability. Global automotive PCB demand growth rate is higher than the overall PCB demand. Automotive PCB demand will rise from $6.5 billion in 2020 to $9.5 billion in 2025, with a CAGR of 7.6%, higher than the overall PCB growth rate of 1.8 pct, and is expected to account for automotive PCB will rise from 10% in 2020 to 11% in 2025.

LST can manufacture any type of PCBs required for electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, high-tech electrical systems, etc.

Automotive PCB

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Role of Automotive PCB

As the carrier of electronic components, automotive PCB has an important position and role in the whole vehicle electronic control system. Automotive PCB is mainly divided into two categories: control unit board and power supply board.

Control unit board: mainly for automotive engines, transmissions, brake systems, body electronics, safety systems and other core modules of the signal and data processing, used to achieve system control and regulation.

Power supply board: It is mainly used for the tasks of voltage stabilization, over-current protection and over-voltage protection of the whole vehicle electronic system to ensure the stable work of the whole vehicle electronic system.

Our Abilities

Assembly Types Component Types Files Required for Quote and Production
SMT Assembly( with AOI inspection);BGA Assembly(with X-Ray inspection);Through-hole Assembly;SMT& Through-hole Mixed Assembly; Kit Assembly ● Passives, smallest size 0201(inch)
● Fine-pitch chips to 0.38mm
● BGA (0.2mm pitch), FPGA, LGA, DFN, QFN with X-Ray testing
● Connectors and terminals
● Turnkey PCB Gerber RS-274X, 274D, or PCB Design file
● Turnkey PCB BOM (Bill of Materials, .xls, xlsx)
● Turnkey PCB Pick-N-Place file / XY file (for production only)
Quality Inspection Components Sourcing Order quantity
● AOI Inspection;
● X-Ray Inspection
● Voltage Test;
● Chip Programming;
● ICT Test; Functional Test
● Turnkey PCB Full turnkey (All components sourced by Yingstar);
● Turnkey PCB Partial turnkey;
● Turnkey PCB Kitted/Consigned
● Turnkey PCB 5pcs to 100,000pcs;
● Turnkey PCB From Prototypes to Mass Production
PCB Types Solder Types Assembly Lead Time
Rigid PCB
Metal core PCB;
Flex PCB;
Rigid-Flex PCB
Leaded; Lead-Free(Rohs);
Water soluble solder paste
From 8 hours to 72 hours when parts are ready


Automotive PCB

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Automotive PCB

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Automotive PCB

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