One stop PCB assembly and processing service

One-stop PCB assembly and processing service

One-stop PCB assembly PCB manufacturing and subject covers all of the following aspects, including surface mount PCB manufacturing, components procurement, PCB, PCB testing and final PCB assembly. We offer PCB one-stop service for global customers.

SMT Production Process

Component procurement

We provide component procurement services to our customers and have stable cooperation with multiple globally renowned suppliers, with direct supply from factories.


8 fully automatic SMT production lines, capable of completing surface assembly of various types of PCB chips, with sufficient production capacity.


Our DIP workshop can efficiently complete PCB plug-in and post-welding work


With three major testing systems: AOI, ICT, and Flyneedle, we eliminate defective products and strictly protect quality.

Finished product assembly

The finished product assembly line helps customers complete the final assembly task and deliver a complete product to customers.

Quality Control

LST always prioritizes product quality and has been committed to providing customers with the highest quality electronic manufacturing services for 16 years Our quality control runs through the entire production process, enabling us to meet or even exceed customer quality requirements We have an independent quality inspection department, which strictly monitors the entire process from incoming quality control to production

PCBA Three-layer Detection And Strict Quality Control


QC irregular inspection

In the PCB production process, there are visual inspection processes after paste printing, mounting, Reflow soldering, wave soldering and online testing, which are pcb printing visual inspection, furnace rear contrast visual inspection, assembly visual inspection and quality inspection. Ensure product production quality.


AOI detection

AOI detection process is set after paste printing and Reflow soldering to carry out automatic optical detection for all products. The detection speed is fast, the accuracy is high, and the reproducibility is high. Defective products will be detected and labeled in a timely manner,


ICT testing

After the PCB assembly is completed, there is an ICT testing process. For welding defects such as bridging, empty soldering, false soldering, and wire breakage, the position of the solder joint can be directly displayed; Welding defects caused by component defects can also be detected.

On-Site Management Of Quality Inspection

We have dedicated and trained quality management and inspection personnel who strictly follow the PCB quality inspection system and inspection process. Set visual inspection or AOI inspection after solder paste printing, visual inspection after mounting, visual inspection or AOI inspection after Reflow soldering, ICT and FCT inspection after wave soldering, and then set assembly visual inspection and quality inspection;

All tests are based on inspection standards to determine whether the quality of PCB products is good or not, and the test results are recorded for future reference or labeled accordingly on the products; All equipment shall be operated correctly according to the usage instructions;

All testing processes are carried out according to standard procedures, and corresponding records are made, etc. For example, the requirements for ICT testing (precautions): the machine should be operated by a dedicated person, non-designated personnel should not operate or modify the program without permission, and unrelated personnel are prohibited from using the machine; Operators must wear qualified electrostatic rings or gloves, and are not allowed to wear metal accessories; Prohibit conducting functional testing; When placing the board, handle it gently to avoid damaging the components; If the machine malfunctions or the same defect occurs three times in a row, the corresponding engineering and management personnel should be notified immediately for handling. Only after passing the inspection can the next process proceed.

ODM Service

Hardware development

Principle design, PCB design, embedded development, system development, and application program development.


EDA, basic data management (PDM/PLM), Manufacturing execution system (MES).

PCB design

10 years of experience in electronic development, cutting-edge technology, senior engineer, and design expertise.

Industrial design

Product (ID) appearance design, product (MD) structural design.


Quality is the lifeline of an enterprise, and Lingxinte attaches great importance to the management of product quality. In accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system, it is equipped with a strong quality control team to ensure that every board in the hands of customers is intact.

Service Advantages

Sincere cooperation, reliable choice

Technical cattle

Senior engineers, with regular training mechanisms, always maintain higher design standards.

High efficiency

The team seamlessly connects, with high efficiency and delivery time as fast as 48 hours.

Super worry free

PCB design, PCB plate making, PCB processing, device BOM allocation.

Strict confidentiality

Archive encryption, file processing on a regular basis, and data protection by dedicated personnel.